Monday, October 11, 2010

YongNuo YN460 MKII manual flashgun

Since my last outing to the Universal Studio, I came to realized how important an external flash is important irregardless in indoor or outdoor shooting. I had wanted to get the Nissin Di622 TTL flashgun. But I was having a budget constraint and relatively new to flash photography, so I decided to get this YongNuo YN46 MKII manual flashgun instead. I read up some online reviews and it seems that the quality of this flashgun is good. Therefore I decided to get this at ArtWorkFoto which is located at Midlink Plaza.

Price of this Flashgun cost me $85 including GST. Below are some shots taken from my iphone 4G

 Technical parameters:
* Guide number:
* 38 (at 35mm focal length, ISO 100 in meters)
* 53 (at 35mm focal length, ISO 200 in meters)
* Flash mode: M, S1, S2
* Flash power control : Level 46 light quantity output control with 1/7-stop increment
* Circuit design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
* Vertical rotation angle : -7~90 degrees
* Horizontal rotation angle : 0~270 degrees
* Power: 4 x AAsize batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable)
* Lighting times: 100 to 1500 times (AA alkaline cell used)
* Recycle time: approx 4s (AA alkaline cell used)
* Color temperature : 5600k
* Flash time :1/800s~1/20000s
* Dimensions: 72 x 135 x 85mm
* Net weight: 250g
* Accessories: Flash light (1), Protecting bag (1), Mini stand(1) User manual (1)

Product info found here YongNuo YN460 MKII
Some review I found online while doing some research

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