Thursday, October 7, 2010

Clarins Ab Firming - Body Toning Gel

My friend, Wubing recently introduce me one of a product that he has been using as part of his weight losing program. The Clarins Ab Firming - Body Toning Gel. According to him, he has been using it since it launch May 2010 till now and it did help him lose a few inches in the waistline.

So I decided to get myself one tube and try if out it this works well for me too. Price for one tube of 150ml cost me $68 including GST.

Some photos of the product taken from my iphone.

#01 - Clarins Ab Firming gel with guide and freebies

#02 - some freebies that Wubing had managed to get it for me

#03 - unboxing of the gel

#04 - unboxing of the gel part two
Last but not least, I like to thanks Wubing for sharing another wonderful tips and the freebies he managed to get..

Link of the product can be found here: Clarins Ab Firming - Body Toning Gel

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