Monday, October 4, 2010

Dumbbell Set 12KG/Set

I have always been wanting to get myself a dumbbell set and could not decide on how heavy should I get. So this evening after work, I decided to pay a visit to the Sportlinks @ Whitesands.

There was a few choices like the loose brandless dumbbells, Kettler dumbbell and DO Sport Dumbbell. Since I am on a budget constraint, I decided to choose the cheapest which is this 12KG/Set DO Sport Dumbbell which consists of 1 x 16" 2kg Bar, 2 x 1kg plate and 2 x 2kg plate. Price for this dumbbell set is $64.48 including GST...

Here are some photos of the dumbbells taken by my iphone 4G:

I guess right now is time for me to begin with my training regime...


  1. Hey bro, very happy u are so SERIOUS with the weight-loss. Remember you are not alone. Minghan and me will always jia you for u. Cheers. Go online search for some tips on how to properly use it and enhance what u wanna get asap. Knowing what to do, we will progress.

  2. Yeah Bro. Thanks for the nice words and encouragement. I definitely do my best :) Well, I have already search and see a few videos in youtube. Hopefully it helps.