Thursday, September 16, 2010

My past work - 23 Jul 2010: Sunrise @ Bedok Reservior Boardwalk& Sunset @ Pasir Ris Park

Part One:
I had always wanted to go bedok reservior to take the sunrise shot. Before the day of the shoot, I went over to my uncle house to stay overnight hoping that I can make it to the shoot.

It was about 5.45am went I reach the boardwalk. The morning is very cool and I also noticed that some of the red clouds is coming. Since I was already there, I decided to stay on and then set up my equipment. Though I prayed hard but the weather was still not very good. In the end, I managed to captured only some the better shots...

#01 - at the boardwalk at around 5.45am
#02 - at around 6 plus
#03 - at around 6.30am
#04 - at around 7am
The weather so not very good that day, I had only managed to capture some better shots. And to make things worst, my battery died on me at around 7am. Man, I was so pissed. So then I decided to have breakfast at the coffeeshop nearby before heading back home..

Part Two:
Feeling very upset that I did not managed to get any good shots in the morning. I had decided to take a walk to the Pasir Ris Park for the sun set shoot.

The weather at that day was pretty dull and moody. To make things worst, the journey from one end to the other end of the park was very long which took me around 45mins. And so I only managed to capture a few shot...

#05 - the lonely tree
#06 - the second lonely tree
#07 - saw this cat while walking to the end of the park...
#08 - the sunset at the end of pasir ris park
#09 - the sun almost setting down

After this last shot, I had to walk a very long journey back home. And before I knew it, the sky was dark when I reach home...

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