Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My past work - 10 Jul 2010: Lower Seletar Reservior

I have seen this many beautiful sunrise at this place many times and have always wanted to visit this place. So i decided to stay overnight at my buddy house which is near to this place. We were suppose to wake up at 5am in the morning but apparently we overslept till 6am. Haha.. Lucky enough, we managed to took a cab down which cost us about $3 to reach there. Some of the shots I took..

#01 - photo taken at around 6.15am
#02 - sun rising soon
#03 - the waterfront @ lower seletar reservior
#04 - the mini wind mill
#05 - the 2 mini wind mill
#06 - road to where...?
#07 - Sun rising - part one
#08 - Sun rising - part two
#09 - the waterfront
#10 - trying to compose a photo
#11 - where does this leads to?

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